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Nuisance wildlife can turn a safe home into a scary mess! Whether you require removal of bats, rats, raccoons, snakes, or squirrels (etc.), you never ever volunteered to share your home or yard with a wild animal that may damage your property or spread illness to your family. Don't endure an undesirable animal. Control your wildlife issue by calling AAAC Wildlife Removal today to remove your critter and help take care of the damage they left behind.

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Wildlife Control and Critter Removal Services in Denver, Colorado

Nothing says safety, security, and comfort to wild animals like your attic. Raccoons, rats, bats, and squirrels are always looking for a safe place to raise a family. Your home may be just what they are looking for. Once they take up residence they will rip open your roof covering, nest in your attic, cause damage to your soffits and eaves, and pollute the area with hazardous droppings. We will trap and remove the animals by utilizing safe and humane methods.

How we handle Denver Wild Animal Pest Control

Our professional team utilizes the most recent and advanced removal techniques to capture any bothersome wildlife, whether they are causing damage inside your home or on your property. We provide the most humane and cutting-edge animal control services possible. We comply with all Colorado state laws and guidelines concerning the removal and control of wildlife.

The goal of our wildlife removal services is always the complete and permanent removal of all animals, while ensuring that you are not adding to their numbers by trapping and then releasing them nearby. We prefer to work with live-catch traps that are safe for both humans and non-targeted wild animals.


Wildlife Control near me

Wild animal pests can cause a lot of problems for homeowners. From annoying to dangerous, animals can be a nuisance and even threaten the safety of your family. If you live in Denver Colorado, AAAC Wildlife Removal has been providing quality wildlife control services for two decades! We offer many types of service that are tailored to meet the needs of each individual customer.

We help with common wild animal pest removal like squirrels, raccoons, rats, bats, snakes and pigeons as well as more obscure wild animal pests like starlings or geese. All these animals pose different risks to humans and pets so it’s important to know how they behave before trapping them on your property!

These are just a few of the services we provide:

Denver Raccoon Removal:

Raccoons are smart and crafty animals, but we are even craftier! If you have baby raccoons living in your home, attic or chimney call AAAC Wildlife Removal for your critter control needs!

Denver raccoon control isn’t easy. Untrained homeowners may try to capture raccoons on their own, however, many critters are injured or even killed because of this. Raccoons are dangerous when cornered and will attack if they feel there home has been threatened.

Denver raccoon removal is tricky business, but for us it’s just another day at the office! If you have seen a baby raccoon in your yard or have found large feces droppings on your property than you know you have at least one critter guest and will need to contact us as soon as possible!

We are highly trained professionals that are dedicated to keeping both you and your property safe. We will trap or remove the raccoon in a humane way without ever putting ourselves at risk! Call us now at 970-394-3870 for our same day Denver raccoon removal service.


Rodent Removal:

Rats are a pain and that’s a FACT. Rats can carry a multitude of harmful diseases such as the hantavirus, which can be transmitted simply by breathing in the air near their waste. We will entirely eliminate your rat issue (pronto!) and clean up the mess they left behind. We provide the most effective rat removal services around!

If you have rats or mice infesting your home, we can help! We will come to your home or business and inspect for any entry points rodents might be using. Then we will either close up those holes with steel mesh, seal them with concrete, caulk them shut, or even install a one-way rat door for easy removal. If you want the best strategy to remove your rats from the attic, inside your walls, or even running through your kitchen, make sure to call the pros with the most experience in keeping customers satisfied! Call us to resolve your rat problem today!

Call us for your Rat Control needs!

Denver Bat Control:

Bats are beneficial to the environment and are protected under state law. However, you do not want them treating your attic like a cave. If you need to have your bats removed, we will safely and humanely evict them and secure the access points. They will find a new home elsewhere and not return. We handle both commercial and residential bat removal.

Barns, warehouses, restaurants . . . any building with an attic or wall void is a great place for bats to hang out if they can get in. Bats are great at finding small spaces where they can enter your buildings undetected by human eyes. In most cases, bats will have access points that are small and difficult to find. After a thorough investigation by one of our Certified Bat Exclusion Specialists, we begin the exclusion process which may include cutting small holes in walls and other techniques to get behind the bat’s entry hole.

When dealing with bats, or any nuisance wildlife problem, it is important to consider the safety of your family and pets. The following tips will help protect you from a bat infestation :

• Stay away from any visible bats on the property without wearing gloves or a face mask. Bats can bite if threatened.

• Do not disturb any bats that are roosting inside the home, as it may cause them to panic and seek another roost in the home.

• Prevent bats from accessing the home by sealing all gaps and holes in homes, eaves, porches and roofs.

 If you need help removing bats from your home please call a local wildlife removal service like us.

We offer same day wildlife control and bat removal services for customers across Denver, CO with a wildlife issue.

Squirrel Control in Denver CO

Squirrels may look cute and cuddly, but they can be a real handful as soon as they get inside your attic. If you hear squirrels darting back and forth inside, make sure to contact a professional squirrel removal company. The last thing you want is trying to catch these critters yourself.

If left untreated, a squirrel problem could pose a significant fire hazard. Squirrels LOVE to chew on electrical wires in the attic. I dont have to tell you that exposed wires are a significant factor in spontaneous home fires that could leave you and your family stuck in a hotel for months until the damage is fixed! You’ll be looking at thousands of dollars in attic restoration and attic insulation costs.

Squirrel removal is not an easy task. If you are not experienced with trapping or baiting, or dealing with live animals in general, then hiring a pro should definitely be your first option. It’s just too risky to handle these situations on your own. Please consider calling the qualified professionals at AAAC Wildlife Removal. We can handle any humane wildlife trapping needs you might have! Our company has several qualified wildlife biologists who understand the animals we work with. You can be rest assured that our wildlife control services are compliant and fully Colorado licensed for work in wildlife control.

Bird Control

Birds can be a major wild animal headache for homeowners in Denver, CO. In our experience, it is vital that you treat a bird problem as soon as you’ve discovered it.

Birds nests can cause big problems in vents. They can block the air flow and cause the vent to work improperly. This can lead to a variety of issues, including an increase in your energy bill, contamination of your air system, and even a fire. It is important to remove bird nests as soon as you discover them.

Pigeons are one of the most common bird pests in Denver, CO. They can cause a lot of damage to your property, and they can be a real nuisance. One of the problems that they often cause is damage to solar panels.

Solar panels are an important part of the modern world, and they play a vital role in our economy and environment. They are also very expensive to install and maintain. Pigeons can quickly damage them, which can lead to a loss in efficiency and increase in costs.

Pigeon poop can cause a number of problems for roof solar panels. It can reduce the efficiency of the panels, and it can also damage them. This can lead to a loss in efficiency and an increase in costs.

We are effective at handling removal of:

  • pigeons
  • sparrows
  • crows
  • starlings
  • geese

and many more! Call us for your bird control needs!

Denver Snake Removal

Snakes can be quite a shock. While most snakes are harmless to humans, it is important to know when a snake can pose a threat to you and your family. We help with snake removal for all snakes, but be on the lookout for these critters:

Western Massasauga Rattlesnake

The Western Massasauga Rattlesnake is a venomous snake found in the United States. It is found in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin. While it is not aggressive and will usually try to avoid humans, it can be dangerous if it feels threatened. If you are bitten by a Western Massasauga Rattlesnake, you could experience swelling and discoloration at the bite site, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, dizziness, weakness, difficulty breathing, paralysis, and death.

Prairie Rattlesnake

The Prairie Rattlesnake is a venomous snake found in the United States. It is common in the states of Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. These snakes are often encountered by homeowners in the Denver area. Prairie Rattlesnakes can be dangerous to humans. Their venom can cause pain, swelling, and tissue damage. If bitten, you should seek medical attention immediately.

The Midget Faded Rattlesnake

The Midget Faded Rattlesnake is a small rattlesnake that is commonly found in the Denver area. This snake is dangerous to homeowners because it is difficult to see, especially in tall grass or weeds. The Midget Faded Rattlesnake can also be mistaken for a garter snake. This snake is venomous and can bite humans, pets, and livestock.

Call us for our expert-level snake pest control services!

Dead Animal Removal

Wildlife control services are important for homeowners in Denver, CO. Dead animal removal is one of the many services that Wildlife Removal of Denver offers. It’s necessary to have a professional remove a dead animal from your home because it can be dangerous and it’s also unsanitary. AAAC Wildlife Removal of Denver has the experience and expertise to handle this difficult task safely and efficiently.

When an animal dies inside a home, it can pose a number of risks. The first and most obvious risk is the smell. Dead animals give off an unpleasant smell that can permeate the entire home. The smell can be a health hazard and it can also attract other pests. Another risk posed by dead animals is the fact that they can attract insects and other parasites. A dead animal can provide a breeding ground for all sorts of bugs, including dangerous ones like ticks and mosquitoes. These insects can then spread disease to humans and pets. Finally, dead animals can also be a fire hazard. Decomposing animals create methane gas, which is highly flammable. If an animal dies in an enclosed space, that space

AAAC Wildlife Removal of Denver offers safe and efficient dead animal removal services for our customers. We have the experience and expertise to handle this difficult task safely and efficiently. AAAC Wildlife Removal disposes of dead animals for their customers in a manner that is safe and does not pose a health hazard.

Wildlife Damage Repair & Pest Re-Entry Prevention Services

Getting your pests gone is only half the battle. A real remedy for your wildlife issues means you require somebody that can seal all the entry points (where your fuzzy buddies entered in the first place), and fix the damage they caused when ripping up your wood panels, soffits, eaves, and vents. Our team comes in handy and with the ability to make any type of repairs you require, including

  • Crawl space repair
  • Seal up of animal entry points
  • Chimney Cap installation
  • Nuisance Wildlife damage repair

Denver Wildlife Control, Attic cleanup, and insulation

If you have a family of animals living on your property, or in your home, then they have probably made a significant mess. Raccoons, rats, bats, mice, and squirrels all love to take over the attic of your home and they can cause significant damage. Animal waste (like bat guano or rat droppings) is extremely hazardous to your health and the health of your family! Do not attempt to remove the waste on your own without specialized training or tools. Get the pros at AAAC Wildlife Removal in there to safely sanitize your entire property, including your home and attic. We will find the cause of the infestation, trap and remove the pest or pests, prevent any new animals from entering your home and repair any damage the wildlife caused to your home.

Wildlife Removal Services near me

Wildlife removal is often a difficult task, but our team at AAAC Wildlife Removal of Denver has the expertise and experience to handle this task safely. We are highly trained in all types of wildlife control techniques, including animal trapping & pest prevention services for common wild animals like squirrels, raccoons, rats, bats, snakes or pigeons as well as more obscure pests like starlings or geese. Whether you live in Denver Colorado or anywhere else in the United States we can help! To learn more about how we can meet your needs contact us today by phone (970-394-3870) or email (denver@aaacwildliferemoval.com). We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Exactly who do I call to remove wild animals?

A: That depends on the animal. If you have a feral dog or feline that needs to be removed, you ought to call your regional Animal Control facility in Denver. If the animal you need to be removed is a woodland creature (like a raccoon, bat, rat, or snake), then you need to call a professional wildlife removal service (like us!).

Q: Exactly how do you get rid of wild animals?

A: The procedure for getting rid of wild animals and pests differs based upon the animal. Bats frequently need to be excluded from an attic. Raccoon control and pest control should really be done through humane trapping, relocation, and release. Rats are typically exterminated via lethal traps. Squirrels are trapped and excluded humanely.

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