Bats in my home

Seeing bats hovering around the outside of your house might be enough to cause some heart palpitations. However, that’s nothing compared to coming face to face with a bat inside your own home. If you see a bit inside your house, that time to take action is NOW! Consider calling AAAC Wildlife Removal to make your bat problem go away.

bats in my denver home
Bats in your Denver home can drive you up the wall

Reasons Why you Have Bats in Your House

Bats are attracted to secluded areas in your house that are low lit and humid. Bats enter your house through small cracks, broken pipes, and gaps in un-screened vents. It’s also possible that bats entered in your chimney.

Bats entering through open doors and windows is a rare thing. But cracks and small holes in your home will definitely attract bats. If your home has not been renovated for decades, then bats might find it a fantastic place to roost. Also, if you’ve recently had work done, it’s possible that your contractor may have introduced new gaps for bats (and other wildlife) to get in through.

Methods of Getting Rid of Bats in Home

If you want to get rid of your bats, then we are here with several methods that can help you get rid of these pesky creatures:

Exclude the bats

It’s very difficult to catch bats using traps. The best solution is almost always to practice bat exclusion using one way doors. Your bats will likely leave at night to hunt for bugs and other prey, so why bother with the hassle of trying to trap them in your attic? A one way door will let your bats out at night to hunt, but then stop them from being able to get back in.

Seal up the house

Sealing up the home after you’ve excluded your bats is an important step. Why go through the hassle of removing your bats if you don’t plan on stopping them from getting back in. It is vital to understand exactly where the bat entry points are and stop them from getting back in by sealing them up.

Install a Mirror

Mirrors can scare the heck out of the bats! You are unwilling to physically interact with the bats but still want to get rid of them; then, you can try this method.

Hanging a mirror and shining a light on the mirror during the day is a decent way to scare them away from your house.

Install a Small Heater

Bats like their nesting area to be cool and damp. But if you install small heaters in the bats’ nesting area, you will be turning the place arid and warm, which is exactly what bats hate!

Call AAAC Wildlife Removal

If you aren’t sure about what to do, you can seek external help by calling professional bat removal specialists. Trying to scare away bats by yourself can be a bad idea because bat bites are a real thing. You can AAAC Wildlife Removal to get the job done to make your house bat free.

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We are passionate about helping our friends, neighbors, and customers manage their wildlife issues, and keep their homes safe and secure. If you’re struggling with an uninvited guest in your house or yard, give us a call!

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