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AAAC Wildlife Removal can assist you with all of your rat control problems. Rats can enter your home though very small openings. If left uncontrolled the rat population can quickly grow, creating a serious rat infestation problem. When rast begin building their nest, you may hear scratching noises in your walls or ceiling and this is a sign of a serious rat problem. We are your local experts at rat trapping and rat extermination. Call us to take care of rat removal in Fort Collins.

Fort Collins Rat Control

The mountain and plains communities of Bailey, Bennett, Berthoud, Campion, Castle Rock, Conifer, Evergreen, Morrison, Mountain View, Niwot, Sedalia, Watkins, and Welby support Mice and Rats but in good numbers. Mice and Rat control and removal services are provided in all of these locations.

Cities such as Bellvue, Berthoud, Campion, Drake, Estes Park, Glen Haven, Jamestown, Laporte, Livermore, Longmont, Lyons, Masonville, Red Feather Lakes and Wellington, Colorado, CO all experience Mice and Rat control and removal problems.

There are many different types of rats that take up residence in homes and businesses. AAAC Wildlife Removal of Fort Collins is your local wildlife professional that can take care of your pest roof rat or other rat pest problem in and around the Metro Fort Collins area.

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Rat control and removal should begin as soon as the rodent has been discovered living in a home or business. Having rats in the home is a fire hazard due to their habit of chewing on electrical wiring. The wildlife professionals of Fort Collins have the knowledge and training to get the job done quickly, in a professional and humane manner. Rats living in a home will contaminate it with droppings and urine. This may lead to serious health problems or exacerbate existing conditions, such as asthma.

Removal of pest rats and their babies from a home or business is a process that should be performed by a wildlife professional. April and May is the usual time for the young to be born and sounds described as squeaking and scratching on walls and in the attic can be heard. There’s no need to panic, but it is best to act quickly.

Getting rid of rats is a process that should be carried out by a wildlife professional. Those desiring to do it themselves often find that the situation is too hard to deal with. They often think that once they remove one rat that the problem is solved, not realizing that by the time one rat is seen, there are usually many more in the house.

Removal and deodorization of a dead rat in your home or yard is a service that we provide. Rats do occasionally die in unusual places and they must be removed as soon as possible. Leaving the rat will only cause further damage to your home and attract other animals and insects.

Another problem with having rats in your home is that they give off a smell that attracts other animals when they are alive. Usually when snakes are found in homes there are often signs of a rodent infestation.

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